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Apartment & Hotel

Apartment & Hotel

Expert in comprehensive solutions for commercial and residential spaces.

Mexarts Contract has been deeply involved in the field of commercial and residential spaces for nearly 10 years, focusing on providing comprehensive solutions and services from interior design to product matching for apartments and hotels.
Thanks to the outstanding design capabilities, product research and development, and manufacturing capabilities accumulated by the Mexarts Group over the past 30 years, as well as the in-depth research and insight into user lifestyles, Mexarts Contract is capable of offering professional solutions that start from defining the style to specialized solutions tailored to the commercial positioning of apartment and hotel projects, and ensures the implementation of the projects.
Over the past 10 years, Mexarts Contract has collaborated with major hotel chains, apartment complexes, and real estate brands at home and abroad and has create many signature projects, bringing aesthetic empowerment to the field of commercial accomodation.

Our strength

Leading Aesthetics

Creating Leading Aesthetic Solutions with International Superior Design Resources
An international designer team led by Japanese and Danish designers, specializing in apartment and hotel design, with numerous successful cases around the world. Providing professional full-process solutions from style concept definition to layout optimization, interior fixed and soft furnishing design, harnessing the power of design to achieve aesthetic premiums for commercial residential spaces.

100% Effect Realization

One-Stop Comprehensive Solutions, Ensuring Perfect Implementation and Materialization of Design
With a mature in-house product research and development and manufacturing team, 30 years of export experience to Japan, a global supply chain system, supporting high-quality, large-scale product output. Product categories cover fixed furniture, movable furniture, and soft furnishings, comprehensively realizing systematic product matching for apartment and hotel projects. The ability to provide one-stop comprehensive solutions from design to product matching, refined by high-standard quality culture cultivated in the Japanese and European markets, ensures 100% restoration of project implementation effects to design plans.

Expert Solutions

In-depth Industry Research, Comprehensive Solutions for Industry and User Pain Points
With over ten years of research into user lifestyles, living spaces, and product design at its Residential Research Institute, leveraging the strengths of our Japanese design team focusing on making small houses big,” as well as the high-quality, large-scale research and development and production capabilities accumulated over nearly 30 years. In recent years, we have successfully implemented nearly 50,000 sets of rental apartments and talent apartments, and provided comprehensive services such as standardized development, architectural and interior design, and soft furnishing product matching for apartments, professionally creating ideal commercial living spaces that are ‘good to live in, good to use, and good-looking.’

Fine-tuned Delivery

Leading ToB Delivery Management System, Professional Project Services Throughout the Lifecycle
Our professional delivery engineers, each with over 10 years of experience in large-scale projects, employs a meticulous delivery management process consisting of three stages and 52 steps. This process connects production, logistics, installation, and after-sales service throughout the entire project cycle. We offer the unique service of pre-delivery product inspection in China, leveraging our 30 years of experience serving high-end global clients to ensure the perfect execution of projects.

Exclusive Customization

Differentiated Solutions for Competitive Advantage
Tailoring designs and product proposals for different brands, project positioning, and user profiles, we create customized solutions from a marketing perspective. Starting from the design phase, we focus on creating unique features and selling points for projects, leveraging the resources of the Mexarts Group to empower projects throughout the entire process.

Our Service

Project Planning
– Research on Project background, objectives, and expected outcomes
– Research on the project industry, region, and competitor environment; SWOT analysis
– Determine project timeline, including design, production, and installation
– Form project team, initiate project resources
Prepare Design Proposal
– User Profiles, design Style Definition, design concept
– Space design plans/Soft furnishing product plans
– Develop drawings, craftsmanship study
– Determine materials, make quotations
– Showroom prototyping
R&D and Production
– Project product R&D
– Make production plan and production standard
– Product quality management: full-process inspection, factory inspection
– Project risk management, progress monitoring and correction
Project Delivery
– Integration of product delivery and installation
– Professional delivery management, daily report monitoring
– Three-round Installation & Safety Standard training
– Three-round standardized acceptance check
After-sales Service
– Exclusive Service of Project Manager + 24/7 Service Hotline
– 24-hour Response, 48-hour problem solving
– Monthly, quarterly, yearly project follow-up visits
– Follow-up on project operation outcome; continuous feasible optimized suggestions



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