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About Mexdesign


Mexdesign, a subsidiary of Mexarts Group’s Mexarts Contract Center, is a design service agency dedicated to providing complete design services and solutions for commercial and residential spaces.
Mexarts Design Institute boasts an international team of top designers from Japan, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Finland, China, and other countries, with rich industry and project experience. We offer comprehensive design services covering architecture, interior design, product design, soft furnishings, visual design, and more for office spaces, hotels, apartments, residences, restaurants, cafes, and other commercial spaces. Our goal is to create trend-leading aesthetic solutions for clients. And thanks to the products and supply chain of Mexarts Contract, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions from space design to soft furnishing product matching for commercial spaces.

Our Services

One-stop integrated solution

Based on brand concepts, user thinking, and commercial logic, we provide clients with comprehensive solutions from design creativity to product implementation

Product Design

Design concepts that combine aesthetics and functionality, emotions and experiences, creating interesting and meaningful design ideas.

Space Design

Conceptual design phase, design phase, detailed design phase, construction phase, and after-sales service.

VI & Visual Design

Providing advertising planning, packaging design, and visual effects design for commercial sales solutions.

Design awards

With its outstanding comprehensive design capabilities, Mexdesign has won numerous domestic and international design awards, including the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best, Red Dot Award for Product Design, iF Design Award, G-Mark Award, and more.