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Collection Bespoke Furniture
Dimension 740*730*820
Material Leather/fabric, steel


In the SYS chair series, the designer combines the language of shell textures with fabric craftsmanship, creating an elegant play of lines on the chair surface. The vertical ridges on the fabric surface use an embossing technique, providing a unique tactile experience with a balance of resistance and softness. The variety of color options caters to different customers and suits various spaces. The chair's overall silhouette is smooth and refined, with every curve meticulously adjusted to match the human body's contours, offering a comfortable seating experience.

The SYS Steel-Leg Lounge Chair is an extension of the SYS chair series, featuring significant changes to the base. The semi-enclosed soft backrest design on the steel legs integrates seamlessly with the overall product, enhancing its sense of unity and security.