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Dresdon Bed

Collection Mexarts - Noir
Dimension L 2214 × W 2191 × H 1094mm
L 2214 × W 2391 × H 1094mm
Material wood, leather, fabric, metal brass


The design inspiration of the Dresden bed comes from the elegant equestrian sport, characterized by detailed design and the fusion of multiple materials, reflecting the ultimate craftsmanship and artisan spirit.

The combination of natural cowhide and fabric in the headboard design balances quality and comfort, with a sturdy form and smooth transition edges, bringing a rich sensory experience of both rigidity and gentleness. The three-dimensional cowhide decoration visually enhances the sense of craftsmanship, extending to delicate metal details behind the bed. The wooden structure on the front side of the bed is selected from whole pieces of natural walnut wood grain, conveying a beautiful visual extension of nature, cleverly echoing the leather on both sides and the metal details at the bed corners.



Marconato & Zappa

We have been collaborating in the design field since 1981, conceiving products for
numerous companies in the home and office furniture sector, taking care of the design and
industrialization of the product, up to the presentation on the market, coordinating the
company image in the photographic, graphic sectors , advertising and exhibition design.

Since 1987, after obtaining the degree, we have been practicing as freelancers in the fields
of architectural design, recovery and renovation of the building heritage.

In recognition of our work, many projects have been selected by sector magazines, in
various International Design Awards, as "Best Product of the Year".

Furthermore, starting from the beginning of the foundation of the Studio we have received
awards in Design Competitions, in which the manufacturing companies have participated,
just to name a couple of collaborations, we remember Boffi, Bernini, Busnelli, Comprex
Cucine, but we prefer to underline the most important ones and that is the one with CTS,
Porada and Bonaldo, because with a continuous working relationship over time.